Selecting a Wood Veneer Center

Many elements go into creating a custom-designed table. At Table Topics, we will help you identify the ones most important for your project and we’ll help you navigate the process. If you like, you can get started with our online specification guide.

The first step is to decide on an inset. If you prefer a wooden inset, many wood species are available in veneer form. A wood veneer is a thin sheet of real wood which is then glued over a core of recycled 1¼ -inch-thick MDF (medium density fiberboard). Veneers are available in two different grain patterns, flat cut and quarter sawn, and can be custom stained.

A wood veneer can create the appearance of a solid wood table, but also has some important advantages over solid woods. With many species of wood becoming scarce due to overharvesting or naturally occurring limitations, a veneer allows us to create a particular look without using as much wood. Also, unlike solid woods which can only be assembled as long boards glued side to side, veneers can be laid in decorative patterns such as boxes, sunbursts, asymmetrical patterns or custom inlays.

Look through the wood veneer section of our website to find the species that will work best for your table’s center. With your center chosen, we can move on to the specifics of grains, patterns, frames and each of the other elements that our experienced staff will walk you through. The result will be a custom design that will meet your needs for years to come. Let’s start that design today!

Five of Our Favorite Mixed Media Design Ideas

Our Table Topics design catalog features an eclectic slate of custom mixed media designs.  Many feature customer-provided materials that serve to tell stories or strengthen a brand image. Others are simply created to present a unique design or whimsical atmosphere. Take a look at five of our favorites.

  1. Acid Washed Galvanized Steel with Cherry & Charcoal Satinwood Veneer Trim – Take a look at this beauty. The combination of galvanized metal and wood veneer inlays is striking.
  2. Solid Ash Table with Digital Logo – Logos can be integrated into the table design using digital images or other customer-provided media.
  3. Customer Photographs with a Maple Bullnose Frame – Your tables can tell a story about your history, your family, your products . . . it’s your story.
  4. Hickory Branches and Stained Sawdust Table with a Cherry Frame Branches and sawdust? Yes! These natural elements combine to create a beautiful table top.
  5. Custom Zebrawood Inset with Sand & Gravel Inlay and Pinstripe Trim – This beautiful wood is inset in a distinctive pattern and accented by an offset square of sand and gravel.

These and the other designs in our catalog can be customized for most any setting. Request a quote or contact us now to start the conversation about your custom designs.

Getting a Quote for Your Project

Can’t find pricing on our website? That’s because we don’t post any prices there. When we say our work provides custom designs, we mean just that. Those designs vary from client to client and project to project. All of our orders are custom made after conversations with clients, consultations about their needs and review of the specifications that will deliver the look, the quality and durability they expect.

We produce several sizes, shapes and styles. While all have one of our patented Acralyte finishes, there are many more elements to consider. The combination of materials, insets, frames and bases can be daunting, but it plays an important role in both design and pricing. We like to steer our clients to begin with the end in mind; to walk them through the entire process. That’s why we provide a specification guide suggesting the most efficient way to get to the right design.

The best way to get a quote is through our website catalog. Browse many options and request a quote for your specific needs. If you want a custom design, send us an email with your design specifications and details about your project. We’ll review your message and get back to you with some questions, some answers, and the next steps in the process.

If you’d rather contact us by phone, our experienced sales representatives will be happy to talk with you and answer questions about our company, products and processes. After we are confident we have all the details we need, we’ll get you a quote in writing.

We want to make sure nothing is missed when providing a quote and getting your project underway. We know your design is important and is an investment in the overall success of your project. We want to work with you to make it the best it can be. Let’s start the conversation today.

Live Edge Tables

Live edge tables can add even more character to the custom design of your table tops. As in so many elements of a Table Topics design, edges can contribute to a look all your own. It’s helpful to see examples of a variety of uses, in both character and function, that feature live edges. This digital image table top features logs with a live edge. Or you may prefer the more traditional look of this communal table featuring a solid walnut live edge.

Although frequently associated with rustic décor, live edge design can be incorporated into most any style table. Our product catalog features veneers, solid wood, digitals and more, and live edges can be a part of any of these table designs in order to meet your particular project needs.

Incorporating live edges into your design is an ideal way to feature the natural beauty found in some of our most common materials, in perfect combination with the outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail of our Table Topics team. If you need help getting started, give us a call or email us and one of our experienced salespeople will walk you through the options and the process of deciding on a design, getting a quote and getting your beautiful tables in production.

Designing for Function and Technology

Beautiful form is a hallmark of a Table Topics product. Our clients choose the material, profile and finish fitting for their décor. They do not, however, have to sacrifice function. We work with customers to determine all the elements that need to go into a project to ensure the final product is not only beautiful, but also practical.

In today’s world, functionality most often involves technology. Whether your style is traditional, contemporary or eclectic, if you need a data port, you need a data port! We get that. Our experience and craftsmanship allow us to build in that functionality without compromising the personality of your product and your space. Take a look at this beautiful example to be used as a communal table or bar top, with discreet data ports. Or perhaps this planked ash version better fits your décor.

We know our products are an investment in your business and, as such, must be designed to add value and solutions to your endeavor. Browse our entire catalogue to find just the right look for your next project. We’ll be happy to work with you to design the functionality and technology required to serve your needs for years to come.

Contact us today to start the conversation about your custom table design needs.

Start with the Finish: Acralyte Finish Styles

Of course, your new tables will be delivered with a fabulous finish. And with the superior products and processes of Table Topics, that finish will be functional and durable for years to come. Our patented Acralyte finishes offer a greater resistance to scratching, marring and heat than traditional finishes of epoxy, polyester resin or varnishes. Our finish is chemically engineered and UV-cured to achieve greater resilience.

Acralyte’s unrivaled performance is the best solution out there for use in the demanding environments of commercial table tops. It offers variety, too. Full filled and open grain options give our clients just the look they want with the unmatched durability they need.

Full Filled Acralyte offers the most protection for your table, adding additional layers of finish. It adds dimension as well, making it an excellent choice for multi-layered or textured surfaces.

  • Full Filled Gloss – The clearest finish offered, it is typically used in very contemporary designs.
  • Full Filled Satin – This silky, smooth finish has a pearl-like shine.
  • Full Filled Matte – Its smooth, subtle look shows little to no sheen.

Open Grain Acralyte provides a hard, durable coating with the appearance of a hand-rubbed oil finish. It is applied as a thin layer that shows off the texture of the wood grain, but still provides the same scratch, mar and chemical resistance that Acralyte is known for. It even offers higher heat-resistant properties, while enhancing the natural look and feel of the wood grain.

  • Open Grain Satin – This silky finish has a pearl-like shine.
  • Open Grain Matte – Its subtle look shows little to no sheen.

Call us today to start the conversation about your custom table design needs.

Choosing the Right Frame for Your Table

Choosing custom tables from Table Topics means you’re making a long-term investment in a valuable product. Making that product the best it can be is what we’re all about. We walk through the design process with our clients, offering our experience and expertise at each phase.

One of the most critical elements of design is the table frame. After choosing the specifics of the table’s center – solid wood, veneer, graphic inset, etc. – it’s time to choose a frame. It can be simple or it can add a critical element to your design. We have standard and budget options and we also have new designer frame options.

These new options are veneer frames with designer shapes to offset your center. They allow us to use exotic woods that may not be available in solid form, or to use traditional woods in an innovative way. We are currently offering 20 veneer frame patterns. The possibilities include classic species like pine, maple and cherry, as well as exotics such as rosewood, pecan and teak.

From here, we determine the edge and the profile to complete the look and feel that works best. Again, many options means you get a custom design to meet the specific requirements of your project, your space and your budget.

Our custom tables are built on a combination of your needs, taste and design parameters, plus our expertise and commitment to quality. The result is an amazing product our clients can be proud of for years to come.

Contact us today to start the conversation about your upcoming project.

Style Spotlight: Rustic

Table Topics has been providing custom designs, featuring everything from gleaming graphic insets to simple wood planks, since 1980. If your design calls for a weathered, distressed or country-casual look, one of the rustic options from our extensive gallery is sure to fill your needs.

Barnboards are popular options, and there is a variety of designs from which to choose. Single-species planks with low distress offer a clean, simple look. By contrast, multi-species veneers or distressed knotty pines can add character and dimension.

In addition to the rustic wood options, our full spectrum of stains, along with custom frames and our patented Acralyte finishes, make each project unique. Doesn’t yours deserve its own style and personality?

If you need some help nailing down just the right combination, our design team is available via phone or email. Let’s talk tables. Let’s talk today.

Need to Drop It? We Can Do That!

Drop-leaf designs can add functionality to any table. Drop-leaf tables have a fixed center with hinged outer sections (leaves) that are supported by brackets, allowing them to fold (drop) down. The Table Topics proprietary drop-leaf mechanism is simple, functional, elegant and durable.

This video illustrates the ease and elegance of our steel-construction mechanism. The polyethylene retaining clip is designed to withstand ultra-high weight and resist scratching of your table top.

Whether for event space, entry ways or dozens of other uses, this simple and durable drop-leaf design can add diversity to your table’s functionality. Our staff would love to work with you to find the dimensions and specifications that best fit your needs. It all starts with a conversation. Get in touch today.

You dream, we build.

Please contact us today! We look forward to learning about your custom restaurant table design needs.

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