Restaurant furniture deals with constant wear and tear due to constant customer traffic. We’ve all gone into a restaurant and instead of a nice tabletop immediately noticed instead of the scratches and various marks and nicks all over it. That’s one of the reasons why many restaurateurs choose to cover tables with linens. In addition, to try to make their tables last longer by covering them with linens, restaurant owners also utilize linens to provide a more sanitary table to patrons. But there’s actually an option to provide such a durable, high-quality finish that no linens are necessary: AcralyteX.


AcralyteX is an acrylic resin that is chemically engineered to be more scratch, mar, chemical, and heat resistant than traditional furniture finishes, such as epoxy resin, polyester resin, urethane, and conversion varnishes. Unlike other tables, AcralyteX tables aren’t susceptible to common usage issues like wearing quickly, yellowing from the sunlight, and getting heat rings from hot dishes and cups.


Tired of seeing rapid deterioration of tables coated with traditional resin finishes, we spent years researching and developing AcralyteX. The end result was a proprietary chemical formulation that uses a UV curing process to reach our elevated level of protection for wooden tabletops. So that means that when an AcralyteX table is properly cared for, it will outlast a similar table that doesn’t have the AcralyteX finish. Another table may be cheaper up front, but a non-AcralyteX coated table only lasts one to two years on average, compared to the five to seven years a table with AcralyteX will last. That’s why AcralyteX is such a better value. And, depending on the finished look desired, it’s available in a variety of options, including full filled, gloss, satin, open grain, and open grain satin.


Another big benefit to AcralyteX is that in addition to its beautiful and durable finish, it has antimicrobial properties. It can be cleaned with practically anything, so there’s no need to cover it with linens in order to keep the table sanitary.


It’s time to go linenless with a table that can stand up to normal wear and tear, as well as provide customers with the best—and cleanest—restaurant experience possible. So give us a call today. Your table just isn’t complete without AcralyteX.



Start with the Finish: Acralyte Finish Styles

Of course, your new tables will be delivered with a fabulous finish. And with the superior products and processes of Table Topics, that finish will be functional and durable for years to come. Our patented Acralyte finishes offer a greater resistance to scratching, marring and heat than traditional finishes of epoxy, polyester resin or varnishes. Our finish is chemically engineered and UV-cured to achieve greater resilience.

Acralyte’s unrivaled performance is the best solution out there for use in the demanding environments of commercial table tops. It offers variety, too. Full filled and open grain options give our clients just the look they want with the unmatched durability they need.

Full Filled Acralyte offers the most protection for your table, adding additional layers of finish. It adds dimension as well, making it an excellent choice for multi-layered or textured surfaces.

  • Full Filled Gloss – The clearest finish offered, it is typically used in very contemporary designs.
  • Full Filled Satin – This silky, smooth finish has a pearl-like shine.
  • Full Filled Matte – Its smooth, subtle look shows little to no sheen.

Open Grain Acralyte provides a hard, durable coating with the appearance of a hand-rubbed oil finish. It is applied as a thin layer that shows off the texture of the wood grain, but still provides the same scratch, mar and chemical resistance that Acralyte is known for. It even offers higher heat-resistant properties, while enhancing the natural look and feel of the wood grain.

  • Open Grain Satin – This silky finish has a pearl-like shine.
  • Open Grain Matte – Its subtle look shows little to no sheen.

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