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Case Study: Communal Tables for Residence Inn

At Table Topics, we’re always up for a creative challenge. Recently, we were approached with a new project to design and build a pair of communal tables for the Marriott’s Standards Program.

The requirements for the project were that the tables be counter height and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. The client also requested that the tables seat at least eight and include power and USB charging outlets, as well as be in the barnboard style with two separate color schemes.

As with every project at Table Topics our creative team started with the concept drawings to determine the look and construction details. From that, we created renderings, which gave our client an excellent visual of not only what the table would look like, but what different veneer patterns, stain colors, and leg cap materials would look like as well.

Once the design phase was completed and finishes were chosen, the fabrication phase began. Our team carefully handcrafted each and every detail, starting with the construction of the tabletop itself, hand laying multi-species, barnboard style veneers to give the table its desired look.

After finishing the assembly and applying the stain—which of course was finished with our exclusive AcralyteX coating to protect the tables for years to come—our team finalized the wiring details. And as usual, the final result was nothing short of stunning: one gray stained communal table with bronze leg caps and one communal table with brown stain and stainless steel leg caps.

It’s just another example of the skilled expertise of our team and the beautifully unique pieces we create. Give us a call today and let our team help you create your vision.



Restaurant furniture deals with constant wear and tear due to constant customer traffic. We’ve all gone into a restaurant and instead of a nice tabletop immediately noticed instead of the scratches and various marks and nicks all over it. That’s one of the reasons why many restaurateurs choose to cover tables with linens. In addition, to try to make their tables last longer by covering them with linens, restaurant owners also utilize linens to provide a more sanitary table to patrons. But there’s actually an option to provide such a durable, high-quality finish that no linens are necessary: AcralyteX.


AcralyteX is an acrylic resin that is chemically engineered to be more scratch, mar, chemical, and heat resistant than traditional furniture finishes, such as epoxy resin, polyester resin, urethane, and conversion varnishes. Unlike other tables, AcralyteX tables aren’t susceptible to common usage issues like wearing quickly, yellowing from the sunlight, and getting heat rings from hot dishes and cups.


Tired of seeing rapid deterioration of tables coated with traditional resin finishes, we spent years researching and developing AcralyteX. The end result was a proprietary chemical formulation that uses a UV curing process to reach our elevated level of protection for wooden tabletops. So that means that when an AcralyteX table is properly cared for, it will outlast a similar table that doesn’t have the AcralyteX finish. Another table may be cheaper up front, but a non-AcralyteX coated table only lasts one to two years on average, compared to the five to seven years a table with AcralyteX will last. That’s why AcralyteX is such a better value. And, depending on the finished look desired, it’s available in a variety of options, including full filled, gloss, satin, open grain, and open grain satin.


Another big benefit to AcralyteX is that in addition to its beautiful and durable finish, it has antimicrobial properties. It can be cleaned with practically anything, so there’s no need to cover it with linens in order to keep the table sanitary.


It’s time to go linenless with a table that can stand up to normal wear and tear, as well as provide customers with the best—and cleanest—restaurant experience possible. So give us a call today. Your table just isn’t complete without AcralyteX.



It’s time to go Linenless!

The AcralyteX Finish exclusively from Table Topics is a must to achieve the quality table top that does not require linens.

Everyone is doing it!  From Country Clubs to Restaurants to Event/Wedding Receptions, there is a huge shift away from linens.   This shift could be to save money, to seem less “stuffy” and “formal” or it could be that owners and/or chefs realize it is just one more thing they don’t have to deal with if they buy beautiful tables that are “Built to Stay Beautiful.”

The white table cloth is no longer the required symbol of a high-end/ fine dining restaurant.  Younger chefs are realizing that less focus on status symbols and more focus on quality across the board is what is really important.   Having a restaurant table that looks great new and still looks great after years in service is essential.

Having the AcralyteX finish on your restaurant tables, bar tables or communal tables provides heat, scratch and chemical resistance. This means that you don’t have to panic when someone spills alcohol on the bar tables, leaves their lemon laying on the table by the tea glass or when the cleaning staff gets a new cleaner because the AcralyteX finish will not break down like other finishes and get sticky.

Create your ideal space without conforming to hospitality standards or expectations. There has never been a better time to Go Linenless with Table Topics.

Get the table you want with the finish you need!

“Built to Stay Beautiful” Tables are a Must for Restaurant Selfies!

Table Topics exclusive AcralyteX finish is a must for hospitality tables that are “Built to Stay Beautiful”  Table Topics provides restaurant tables, bar tables and communal tables that not only look great when they arrive new, but they are built to stay beautiful for years.


Today, more than ever, a customer’s experience in a restaurant goes well beyond just the food. Millennials eat out 3-5 times per week and take on average 27,500 selfies per week. So, it is not just about not cooking and eating out, it is about the experience with people and a heightened appreciation of the food. In this digital age, “who is at dinner” and “what they are eating” is photo documented within minutes of sitting down and getting food!


Make sure each of those pictures shows your restaurant at its best by having beautiful restaurant tables in each picture. There is nothing worse than showing beautiful people and delicious food in a picture with a dirty worn table in the background.


Be sure to maximize these free marketing opportunities. Whether it is bar tables showing the cool drink options and an incredible mound of nachos or the restaurant tables showing the featured appetizer that is to die for, make sure those tables are always beautiful. Think about adding a logo to your restaurant or bar tables to make sure your restaurant name shows in the selfies.


Make sure your restaurant tables are picture perfect with the exclusive AcralyteX Finish from Table Topics!

Custom Restaurant Tables

Restaurant Tables—we get it!  With all that comes with designing, opening, and maintaining a restaurant, customizing your restaurant tables doesn’t always rank at the top of the priority list.

However, restaurant table tops do play a big role. Think about this: The table is the only piece of restaurant furniture that is about 12” from your patron’s face during the entire dining experience.  Why not take the time to make your restaurant tables, bar tables or communal tables represent you and your style? (Not to mention the oodles of menu item selfie pics that will be taken with your tables in the background!)

At Table Topics, we can help you create the custom tables that are right for you, stay within your budget and give you the tables that will last.

Using our in-house design team and our superior customer service staff, we can help you create the restaurant table tops that are right for you. We make it easy. We start with simple ideas and help walk you through the design process. From simplistic to over the top, we have helped create restaurant furniture that makes a restaurant truly one of a kind for almost 40 years.

Once we have the table style determined, we need to make sure we stay within your budget. We are not just being nosey when we ask budget questions. We are trying to make sure that we are providing a product that is within your budget and, if not, then we want to be able to provide Value Engineered options for you. These are not “lesser” tables. These options would be just that—options.

So, we have restaurant tables that look great and are within budget. Now, we need to make sure they last. Table Topics applies our proprietary AcralyteX finish on all the restaurant table tops, bar tables and communal tables that we manufacture. This finish is scratch, heat and chemical resistant. Which means that your tables will have an increased Appearance Value. Simply put, the tables will look better longer. This is a hard, durable finish that still appears rich and warm instead of a plastic look that is often associated with hard finishes.

Table Topics was founded on the idea of creating quality restaurant tables that are both truly unique and will last for a long time. Rest assured that you will get a fitting design accompanied with the quality that will ensure your tables look great for years to come.

Stop By And See Us At These 2019 Trade Shows

2019 is in full swing, and so is this year’s trade show season. We have these five trade shows on our roster … so far! Stop by and see us a these shows:


The Hospitality Industry Network Design Expo - Restaurant Tables

NEWH Leadership Conference – NEWH Miami

  • Booth 617
  • Thursday, February 7, 2019
  • JW Marriott Marquis, 255 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL, 33131
  • Show Link:

Country Club Managers Show ( CMAA) – Nashville

  • Booth 1018
  • Feb 24-28
  • Music City Center, Nashville, TN
  • Show Link:

2019 Hospitality Design - Las Vegas - Restaurant Tables and designs

2019 Hospitality Design – Las Vegas

  • May 15-17, 2019
  • Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV
  • Show Link:

Cruise Ship Interiors Expo - Restaurant Tables for Cruise Ships

Cruise Ship Interiors Expo – Miami

Cruise Ship Interiors Expo (#CSIE19) is the world’s first and only event to focus exclusively on the interior design, architecture, and outfitting for the cruise industry.

Boutique Design New York ( BDNY ) 2019 - Restaurant Tables and bar table designs

Boutique Design New York ( BDNY ) 2019 – New York

  • Booth 2610
  • November 10-11
  • Jacob K. Javits Center, New York, NY
  • Show Link:

Brand it your way!

There are so many reasons to incorporate an image on a table. You may need to show a logo/brand on a communal table or restaurant tables. You may need an ADA emblem to mark which tables are compliant.   You may have custom artwork that matches other pieces of the project. Your bar tables may need an update. Whatever the reason, there are options for each situation.  We want to guide you through these options to not only make the process easier next time you place an order but maybe mention some options that you may not have considered.

There is the Print Option. This option allows you a bit more creative freedom than some of the other options. With Print, you can choose not only color but a pattern. With print, you can also create shadowing effects to allow for your image to look old, worn, dimensional or even burned. This option works great on veneer tables as well as solid wood tables.

Another option is Paint. Paint allows you to choose the color and influence the mood, and also include metallic colors like silver, gold and copper. You can determine how saturated you want the paint – do you want the wood grain to show through the paint or have it completely saturated to where no wood grain shows through? You can scuff the paint to again create the old or distressed look. This application also works well for both the veneer tables as well as solid wood tables.

Custom designed carved restaurant tableA more expensive, but always beautiful, choice is the Carved/Routed Option. Your image/ logo etc would be carved with a CNC router onto the actual table. We would work with the other specifications of the table to make this route as shallow as necessary to avoid a “crumb catcher” situation. This could be as simple as ADA lettering or more elaborate – like your logo. This option works best with solid wood tables, but can also be done on other styles.

Whether you choose print, paint or carved, the tables will all have our AcralyteX finish. Our AcralyteX finish provides scratch resistance, heat resistance and chemical resistance to your tables. So, have it your way with the most durable, custom table finish available. We specialize in hospitality tables and are excited to work with you on all of your table needs.

Reimagining Rustic

It’s no secret that rustic has realized tremendous popularity in the last few years. And why not? Reclaimed wood is not only beautiful but it is great for the environment in that it saves energy and reduces timber harvesting.

But when it comes to actual hard use in a Commercial or Hospitality environment, reclaimed wood does present a few serious challenges.

One is the cost. Because of sourcing, sorting, and the required reworking of the wood to make it usable, the cost is more than typical wood products.

Another common challenge is availability. Often times, you are able to find what you love, but just not enough. You have to be careful when you do find that perfect wood with enough pieces to complete your project as there is a high probability that it was originally treated with chemicals that are now deemed toxic.

That leads us to cleaning and care. Reclaimed wood is full of character and charm that presents itself in the way of cracks, splits and weathered boards that are beautiful, but also “crumb catchers” or “dust traps”. We want you to be able to have the character and charm, but still have the Acralyte finish that allows you to clean the tables with anything from Windex to the degreaser you use in the kitchen.

Despite the challenges that come with using reclaimed wood, the good news is that Table Topics can give you the rustic look you want without the actual reclaimed wood limitations and challenges. We utilize sustainably harvested wood, which allows us to create that rustic style in a way that’s nearly identical to reclaimed wood. Reimagining rustic allows you the opportunity to determine the degree of rustic you want as well as what rustic options you like (or don’t like). We will help you choose nail heads, cracking or peeling paint, a worn or weathered look, as well as, the degree and style of distressing. You can also add a touch of modern to your rustic tables with so many options for power and data ports.

Perhaps one of the best parts about our ability to create the reclaimed wood look is that along with the rustic style you can also have the Acralyte finish. Acralyte is chemically engineered to achieve greater scratch, mar, chemical and heat resistance than the traditional furniture finishes like epoxy resin, polyester resin, urethane and conversion varnish.

So with all of the options available with Table Topics, who needs the difficulties that come with reclaimed wood? Go the realistic route. Give us a call today to start the process for your reimagined rustic tables!

What You Should Consider

The entryway into a business or restaurant is a significant space. It’s where a first impression by a potential customer will be created. That’s why making sure the space—especially the furniture—isn’t just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Communal tables are a big part of making that positive first impression happen, and over the years we have designed dozens of communal tables for clients of all types and sizes. In fact, we are in a number of major hotel chain’s standards programs.

Are you thinking about adding communal tables to your space? There are a few aspects that need to be considered when ordering these tables, and our experts at Table Topics can help walk you through each step of the process. Our in-house designers can work with you to ensure that your specific design will be achieved while also maintaining needed functionality in highly trafficked areas. Once we have your design, our team will actually create detailed drawings of your table for you to review and approve or make any needed changes.

Whatever design idea you have in mind, we can create it. We have multiple base options—from wood and metal to a blend—that can be produced at custom heights ranging from standard dining height to bar height (including tables that meet ADA requirements) and all sorts of materials, including solid woods, veneers, custom graphics, and faux stone. Want unique options included in your table? No problem. We can incorporate power, data, and USB options into many tables to increase functionality. And, of course, we will finish up your table with our industry-leading Acralyte to keep it looking like new for years to come.

Check out one of our most recent custom projects: a digital Carrera marble three-inch thick table top with custom hand painted edges to match the digital top. That’s on top of a base that mixes custom red oak turned legs and black galvanized metal stretcher and fittings.

So whether you are looking for a communal table that’s sleek and sophisticated or fun and unique, we are here to help. Positive first impressions can only be made once. To make sure that happens with your customers, give us a call. Our talented table experts are ready to make your design idea a functional reality.



Bank of America: A Case Study

Each and every Table Topics table is unique, but the process remains the same. Our team of woodworkers takes incredible care to expertly handcraft whatever the order may be so that we more than meet the needs and expectations of our clients.


One recent project our Table Topics team completed as a custom order for Bank of America. The job started with the preliminary design phase, where we created detailed sketches for the type of unique tables needed, then put together renderings of the final product. We also sat down with our client to talk through the type of materials to be used.


Once materials are approved and the renderings are OK’d, we began the design phase. Unique to that stage was that we created a digital tile reproduction to show exactly what the final outcome would look like, which let us and our clients decide if any layout changes or modifications needed to be made.

Once the design was finalized, we began determining how that final design would be mounted and electrical would be incorporated—this ensures no surprises or problems in the end product. Then from there, we began the actual fabrication of the tables. We printed the tiles, starting assembling the tables with solid walnut frames, fabricating all of the needed mounting and suspension hardware that would be needed, and created the required cutouts for the lighting and charging stations that were going to be added to the tables. And of course, before the process was complete, we stained and finished the table with our very own state-of-the-art Acralyte, which ensures these tables will look great and last for years to come.

Once these beautiful tables were completed, we coordinated installation with our client. Even though we do this every day, seeing the finished product installed was so exciting because once again we were able to bring a specific vision to life for a client. Do you have a unique design idea in mind? Why wait? Give us a call today and we can put this process to work for you!

Visit Us At This Year’s HD Expo in Las Vegas, May 2-4

At Table Topics, we’ve spent decades crafting only the highest quality custom commercial dining tables, and we’re excited to announce that we will once again be bringing these products to the upcoming Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference (HD Expo) in fabulous Las Vegas.

To be held May 2-4 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, the HD Expo is the industry’s leading hospitality conference and trade show, and it’s an event known for showcasing new products and services for the hospitality industry.

In Las Vegas, we will also have a hands-on test for attendees to see up close just how special our exclusive Acralyte finish is for commercial tables. Acralyte is an acrylic resin that is chemically engineered to provide greater scratch, mar, chemical, and heat resistance than traditional furniture finishes (like epoxy, resin, polyester resin, urethane, and conversion varnishes). To illustrate that, we will have a scratch test set up in our Las Vegas booth for anyone to test the industry-standard urethane top against our Acralyte finish.

Attendees to our booth in Las Vegas, will also get a chance to speak directly with three of our team members who have all been with our company for more than 10 years. Hayden Powell (president), Melissa Land (director of sales and marketing), and Tammy Allen (customer service) will be available and ready to chat with anyone wanting more information about our unique design capabilities.

So don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to visit with us and see the latest tabletops at our booth in fabulous Las Vegas, #2822, at Mandalay Bay! We look forward to seeing you there!

Email Melissa Land at if you’d like to connect at this year’s expo.


You dream, we build.

Please contact us today! We look forward to learning about your custom restaurant table design needs.

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