Reimagining Rustic

It’s no secret that rustic has realized tremendous popularity in the last few years. And why not? Reclaimed wood is not only beautiful but it is great for the environment in that it saves energy and reduces timber harvesting.

But when it comes to actual hard use in a Commercial or Hospitality environment, reclaimed wood does present a few serious challenges.

One is the cost. Because of sourcing, sorting, and the required reworking of the wood to make it usable, the cost is more than typical wood products.

Another common challenge is availability. Often times, you are able to find what you love, but just not enough. You have to be careful when you do find that perfect wood with enough pieces to complete your project as there is a high probability that it was originally treated with chemicals that are now deemed toxic.

That leads us to cleaning and care. Reclaimed wood is full of character and charm that presents itself in the way of cracks, splits and weathered boards that are beautiful, but also “crumb catchers” or “dust traps”. We want you to be able to have the character and charm, but still have the Acralyte finish that allows you to clean the tables with anything from Windex to the degreaser you use in the kitchen.

Despite the challenges that come with using reclaimed wood, the good news is that Table Topics can give you the rustic look you want without the actual reclaimed wood limitations and challenges. We utilize sustainably harvested wood, which allows us to create that rustic style in a way that’s nearly identical to reclaimed wood. Reimagining rustic allows you the opportunity to determine the degree of rustic you want as well as what rustic options you like (or don’t like). We will help you choose nail heads, cracking or peeling paint, a worn or weathered look, as well as, the degree and style of distressing. You can also add a touch of modern to your rustic tables with so many options for power and data ports.

Perhaps one of the best parts about our ability to create the reclaimed wood look is that along with the rustic style you can also have the Acralyte finish. Acralyte is chemically engineered to achieve greater scratch, mar, chemical and heat resistance than the traditional furniture finishes like epoxy resin, polyester resin, urethane and conversion varnish.

So with all of the options available with Table Topics, who needs the difficulties that come with reclaimed wood? Go the realistic route. Give us a call today to start the process for your reimagined rustic tables!

You dream, we build.

Please contact us today! We look forward to learning about your custom restaurant table design needs.

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