Policy and Procedures

All of our tops are custom made to your specifications.

Pricing: Prices are based on material cost, the intricacy of the design and similar factors. Quotes may be obtained from our sales or customer service representatives. If a design requires that we use your own materials, the buyer is responsible for acquisition and shipment of the materials to us. We will tell you how much we need based on the design.

All prices are FOB Elberta, AL 36530 and are subject to change without notice.

Custom DesignTo prevent production delays, please submit all necessary information and specifications when placing your order.

Use the Specification Sheet on pages 27-28 to insure you have identified all aspects of your custom table top design.

All custom shapes must be verified by customer signature on approved final drawings.

Use this Specification guide to educate yourself about table construction. All features, as outlined in Steps 1-6 must be defined.

Lead TimeProduction Lead Time is affected by the complexity & difficulty of a project’s specifications, availability of raw materials, order size, timely receipt and testing of customer’s own materials, completeness of order specifications, matching and approving of color samples and other similar factors.

Changing your order after it has been placed will cause a production delay.

Placing an OrderOrders must be placed in writing, by mail, email or fax. We do not accept verbal orders. Orders must be signed by the responsible party. Please include complete billing information, shipping information, PO numbers and any instructions for side marking.

Changes to Orders: All changes, additions or deletions must be requested in writing.

Any improvements in materials and techniques, structural or aesthetic, will be built-in on all reorders unless we are otherwise instructed. When a precise match of a previous order is required, we will request that you send us an original top and discuss the details with our sales representative or with the factory.

Acknowledgement: All orders are acknowledged upon receipt. We estimate production time when we review the order. This estimate will be based on our ability to perform the work and due consideration of the customer’s needs. We cannot be bound to pay any penalties or excess freight or expenses incurred by failure to deliver on schedule. You can be certain that we will do everything possible to meet your requirements and schedules.

CreditCredit will be extended to responsible businesses and firms. We require a bank reference and three current open account references. References must be accompanied by a completed credit application available from our sales representative. Please allow sufficient time for processing. When there has not been time enough to establish credit we will send a proforma invoice stipulating payment before shipment. Interest will be charged at the rate of 1 ½% per month on any past due balance (balances not paid within thirty (30) days). Unless other arrangements are made in writing, accounts sixty (60) days old are automatically turned over to our collection agency.

Customer’s Own Materials: We are known for our custom tops and matching custom crafted bartops. If you (the customer) are providing the inlays; fabric, pictures, posters, etc., please submit the following:

We reserve the right to refuse unsuitable fabric and assume no responsibility whatsoever for our customer’s material. It is used solely at the customer’s risk. We are not responsible for production delays due to unsuitable materials provided by the customer. Please submit a sample of material for testing prior to purchasing production run quantity. “Repeat pattern” fabrics may require extra yardage to apply pattern evenly.

Order Cancellation: An order that has been acknowledged and put into production cannot be cancelled unless we agree in writing. We may store merchandise for a customer if possible. Storage rates are available directly from us.

Returns: Returned goods will not be accepted for exchange or credit unless we have given our written agreement before the return shipment is made.

Shipping: We will adhere to shipping and routing requirements requested by customers but reserve the right to change them if necessary. If no routing information is provided, we will ship by the best way available to us. Freight charges are paid by the customer/purchaser. Prepaid freight charges will be billed to the purchaser. We do not assume responsibility for freight charges. We will charge for packing only when unusual crating is required or requested. We do pack for export: write us for a quote.

Our table tops are Class 70, and ship from 36530.

Please check the shipping cartons as soon as they arrive. File any reports of damage with the shipper immediately. Our merchandise is thoroughly inspected before it leaves the factory. All freight damage claims must be first made by the customer against the carrier.