Who We Are

At Table Topics, we realize our business is a bit of an anomaly in some ways. Since we’ve been making high-quality custom table tops for clients throughout the country and around the world since 1980, you might expect to find us in corporate offices in some metropolitan center. That’s not the case. Since our 36-year-old business is guided by precision manufacturing methods and proprietary processes, you might assume our designs can’t be uniquely customized for you. Not true. Here’s the real story:


We chose to locate our operations in Elberta, Alabama because we love it here. We work with top designers around the world and quite frankly, because of our commitment to quality customer service, it makes no difference to them where we are! So we’re where we want to be, doing what we want to do. That includes having a customer support network throughout the United States, working hand in hand with those customers to design and deliver the highest quality products in the industry.


We work almost exclusively with the hospitality industry, where our tables have become the standard for custom designs and lasting quality. We listen to customers’ needs and help them solve problems. We explore their vision. Then we deliver a product that fulfills that vision. Individual service, custom design and quality craftsmanship result in a unique product every time.


Our manufacturing process combines the best raw materials, the most skilled individuals and a fierce attention to detail. Solid wood and veneer tables remain popular choices. Our amazing variety of options includes rosewood, maple, walnut, bamboo, oak, cherry, mahogany, zebrawood and more. We also have graphic table top options, allowing the printing of illustrations and translucent images on your choice of wood veneers or other finishes. This table top option is expanding in options and in popularity. Our specialized Acralyte finish is known for beauty and durability.


This year we’ll build more than 20,000 tables and, with the continued support of a loyal customer base, we expect that number to grow next year and beyond. We hope you’ll be a part of our growth. While we may be a company of anomalies, there are two things you can count on to be exactly as you expect: individual service and quality products.

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