Since 1980, Table Topics has been crafting the highest quality custom commercial dining tables in the United States. Our experienced in-house design team is committed to quality, precision and creative custom design. As a result of an unwavering commitment to handcrafted excellence, our tables distinguish restaurants, neighborhood bars and conference rooms throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.



Choosing Table Topics is an investment in the best.  Our custom wood, veneer and digital table tops are built with superior materials by a gifted and experienced team. Our specialized acrylic resin, chemical-resistant coating, and meticulously engineered construction and finishing processes result in a product that will endure the elements that are a natural part of the restaurant and hospitality industry.

At Table Topics, our craft is always custom. Our customer network spreads across the country and we work with the top design firms in the world because our people focus on building YOUR vision. The gifted in-house design team at Table Topics is ready to engineer your custom commercial table tops, detail by detail, to meet your needs.

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