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August 11th, 2017

Of course, your new tables will be delivered with a fabulous finish. And with the superior products and processes of Table Topics, that finish will be functional and durable for years to come. Our patented Acralyte finishes offer a greater resistance to scratching, marring and heat than traditional finishes of epoxy, polyester resin or varnishes. Our finish is chemically engineered and UV-cured to achieve greater resilience.

Acralyte’s unrivaled performance is the best solution out there for use in the demanding environments of commercial table tops. It offers variety, too. Full filled and open grain options give our clients just the look they want with the unmatched durability they need.

Full Filled Acralyte offers the most protection for your table, adding additional layers of finish. It adds dimension as well, making it an excellent choice for multi-layered or textured surfaces.

  • Full Filled Gloss – The clearest finish offered, it is typically used in very contemporary designs.
  • Full Filled Satin – This silky, smooth finish has a pearl-like shine.
  • Full Filled Matte – Its smooth, subtle look shows little to no sheen.

Open Grain Acralyte provides a hard, durable coating with the appearance of a hand-rubbed oil finish. It is applied as a thin layer that shows off the texture of the wood grain, but still provides the same scratch, mar and chemical resistance that Acralyte is known for. It even offers higher heat-resistant properties, while enhancing the natural look and feel of the wood grain.

  • Open Grain Satin – This silky finish has a pearl-like shine.
  • Open Grain Matte – Its subtle look shows little to no sheen.

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