Choosing the Right Frame for Your Table

Choosing custom tables from Table Topics means you’re making a long-term investment in a valuable product. Making that product the best it can be is what we’re all about. We walk through the design process with our clients, offering our experience and expertise at each phase.

One of the most critical elements of design is the table frame. After choosing the specifics of the table’s center – solid wood, veneer, graphic inset, etc. – it’s time to choose a frame. It can be simple or it can add a critical element to your design. We have standard and budget options and we also have new designer frame options.

These new options are veneer frames with designer shapes to offset your center. They allow us to use exotic woods that may not be available in solid form, or to use traditional woods in an innovative way. We are currently offering 20 veneer frame patterns. The possibilities include classic species like pine, maple and cherry, as well as exotics such as rosewood, pecan and teak.

From here, we determine the edge and the profile to complete the look and feel that works best. Again, many options means you get a custom design to meet the specific requirements of your project, your space and your budget.

Our custom tables are built on a combination of your needs, taste and design parameters, plus our expertise and commitment to quality. The result is an amazing product our clients can be proud of for years to come.

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