Selecting a Wood Veneer Center

Many elements go into creating a custom-designed table. At Table Topics, we will help you identify the ones most important for your project and we’ll help you navigate the process. If you like, you can get started with our online specification guide.

The first step is to decide on an inset. If you prefer a wooden inset, many wood species are available in veneer form. A wood veneer is a thin sheet of real wood which is then glued over a core of recycled 1¼ -inch-thick MDF (medium density fiberboard). Veneers are available in two different grain patterns, flat cut and quarter sawn, and can be custom stained.

A wood veneer can create the appearance of a solid wood table, but also has some important advantages over solid woods. With many species of wood becoming scarce due to overharvesting or naturally occurring limitations, a veneer allows us to create a particular look without using as much wood. Also, unlike solid woods which can only be assembled as long boards glued side to side, veneers can be laid in decorative patterns such as boxes, sunbursts, asymmetrical patterns or custom inlays.

Look through the wood veneer section of our website to find the species that will work best for your table’s center. With your center chosen, we can move on to the specifics of grains, patterns, frames and each of the other elements that our experienced staff will walk you through. The result will be a custom design that will meet your needs for years to come. Let’s start that design today!

You dream, we build.

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