Green Choices

Whether designing restaurants or conference rooms, many clients are putting a priority on the use of sustainable materials for their tables. At Table Topics, we applaud that effort. We have been working with clients for years to design commercial table applications that meet both their functional and philosophical goals. These purposeful designs are just as beautiful and in some cases even more affordable than those using alternative materials.

Factors for consideration when choosing a wooden table top begin with the use of sustainable wood varieties, those grown and harvested responsibly. You may also consider the use of a thin wood veneer or even a digital design instead of a solid wood. Reclaimed resources of wood, metals and other materials can be incorporated into unique and beautiful designs.

We work with clients to find the sustainable option that suits their needs. We have the option of natural products like those in this table of woven reeds as well as manmade products such as this walnut burl veneer. The eco-friendly kieri board – reclaimed stalks of the sorghum plant, formed into panels – is featured in this design with a custom blue stain or black, for two very distinctive looks.

If you’d like to explore how to incorporate eco-friendly options into your high-quality, durable Table Topics design, get in touch with us today. We’ve got the materials, designers and craftsmen to produce tables you’ll be proud of.

You dream, we build.

Please contact us today! We look forward to learning about your custom restaurant table design needs.

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