The Benefits of Acralyte

///The Benefits of Acralyte

The Benefits of Acralyte

At Table Topics, we’ve been in the business of creating only the highest quality custom commercial dining tables since 1980. That quality continues to shine through in all of our products with our invention of Acralyte.

Available exclusively through Table Topics, Acralyte is an acrylic resin that is chemically engineered to provide greater scratch, mar, chemical, and heat resistance than traditional furniture finishes (like epoxy resin, polyester resin, urethane, and conversion varnishes). Ideal for both restaurant tables and bars, Acralyte is available in all sorts of levels or sheens, or for practically any need or application:

  • Full filled Acralyte: adds dimension and protection to tables that require additional coverage, such as multi-layered or textured surfaces or to tables designed to have more depth.
  • Full filled Acralyte—gloss: the finish with the highest sheen level, which is typically used in contemporary designs.
  • Full filled Acralyte—satin or matte: a silky and smooth finish that offers a pearl-like shine.
  • Open grain Acralyte – satin or matte: has a silky finish with a pearl-like shine, provides a hard, durable furniture finish with the smooth appearance of an elegant, hand-rubbed oil finish.

Like many of our customers, we were tired of seeing beautiful tables rapidly deteriorate because of the poor quality of epoxy resin finishes. So we got to work, spending years doing research and testing for better alternatives because we knew there had to be a better way. What makes Acralyte different? It’s that it’s so much more than just a chemical coating. It’s an entire manufacturing process that includes everything from the materials used in the product to the product operations, which aren’t the typical standards for furniture manufacturing. We utilize a rigorous production process that is tightly monitored and controlled, ensuring an end product that is unmatched in quality.

Not only does Acralyte help produce high quality products, but products coated in Acralyte are more durable. When properly cared for, products with Acralyte will consistently outlast a similar style table that doesn’t have the Acralyte finish. In fact, while a similar style table may have a product life of one to two years, our tables with Acralyte are expected to last at least five to seven years—in many instances they last 10 years or more.

Cost effectiveness, quality, and durability are just three of the reasons why more and more businesses are turning to our Acralyte line of products for their table needs. Contact us today to find out how we can work with you to help you create the look you want while saving you money.

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