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Table Topics is the ultimate source for specialty bar tables that are completely custom-built in the USA. Since 1980, we’ve crafted options with durability, longevity, and unique elegance that set our products apart. Our bar tops, tables, and communal area tables are built with the highest quality materials in the industry. We’ve blended artistry with engineering to create pieces as durable as they are stunning – and it’s all according to your design choices and specifications.

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A Notch Above

When it comes to craftsmanship and construction, we’re proud to say that we have a gifted and experienced team that loves a good challenge when building custom products. Our wood, metal, and stone bar tops are built with superior raw materials. Our specialized acrylic resin, chemical-resistant coating, and meticulously engineered construction and finishing processes result in a product that is superior to alternate options from competitors. Other options won’t endure the harsh elements of the bar and hospitality industry like Table Topics.

We use an exclusive Acralyte finish on our tables, which is a specialized acrylic resin finish engineered to endure the elements better than traditional finishes like epoxy resin, polyester resin, lacquer, conversion varnishes, or polyurethane. Our resin is cured using ultraviolet light, undergoing a series of unique processes that result in a finish that is unmatched when it comes to quality and durability. It’s engineered to have greater resistance against scratches, chemical cleaners, and heat. Traditional finishes wear quickly, may yellow from direct sunlight, and will become marred with rings from hot plates or drinks. Our exclusive Acralyte finish is a superior replacement, offering unmatched longevity.

Let’s Talk Customized Bar Table Tops

No establishment is the same as the next, and your bar or tables don’t have to be either. Since Table Topics offers customizable options, everything starts with a conversation. Every question, concern, or request is talked through and considered to get YOUR vision underway. Detail by detail, we uncover your wishes to pass along to our full-time, in-house design team, who are truly artisans of their craft.

We have a deeply rooted American dedication to quality and handcrafted excellence. This dedication to craftsmanship has allowed our tables to distinguish various restaurants, diners, coffee shops, hotels, planes, bars, and neighborhood pubs throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Contact us today to begin the journey of sprucing up your space with a truly unique piece that you can enjoy and have confidence in for years to come.

Value vs. Cost

We thrive in the custom world. You know what you want, and we know how to make it happen. We have a nationwide customer network and collaborate with the world’s top design firms because our team is dedicated to realizing your vision and delivering. Our in-house design team is ready to meticulously engineer your custom bar tops detail by detail to meet your standards. Simply put, our bars and communal pieces are built to last and outlast. The value of our product lies in the extended life it holds – making Table Topics the most cost-effective bar top manufacturer in the industry.

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Check out the extensive collection of possibilities and features we offer. When it comes to a bar setting, the bar itself is obviously an integral part. It’s the centerpiece of your space, and you want to have confidence that it will hold up for years to come and remain attractive, too. Same for the tables in your establishment. From classic wood to modern composites, or stone, our craftsmanship ensures your bar is not only functional but also a stunning addition to be admired.









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Faux Stone

Macassar Ebony










Rustic Hickory





Browse Our Bar Tables by Style

From sleek, contemporary styles to more traditional or eclectic designs, the options we offer are endless. These multiple options can be tailored to any style, and our skilled artisans create exceptional bar tops that will stand out no matter where they are installed.





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You dream, we build.

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